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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Devyser was founded in 2004 by three pioneers who envisioned rapid, non-invasive diagnostics. Together they developed a new type of DNA test that put the user’s and patient’s needs first.

In 2004, the existing tests on the market presented patients with a long, anxious wait for results, due to long and inefficient workflows for labs. With Devyser’s revolutionizing single-tube assay they tackled the issue of the patient’s long wait and revolutionized the lab workflows. Since then, Devyser has developed a product portfolio that are simpler and faster to use for diagnostics laboratories worldwide, and that focus on the patient’s needs. 

Pioneering diagnostics and patient treatment requires cutting edge technology and innovation.

But above all it involves great people coming together with a common goal.


The simplest way is often the best way. To bring about change and development internally in Devyser, it should be simple. No matter your role or ambition, it is simple to make your voice heard.


We aim to always stay relevant to our team members. Offering internal development, extensive knowledge and saying in tune with your wishes and needs is a given and a must to maintain a strong company culture.


At Devyser we all share a common goal: to offer patients the best possible treatment. This is at our core and this empathic motivation drives us even closer together. Of course, this empathy makes up a huge part in our culture and is evident not only in our formal policies and benefits, but also in our day-to-day interactions.

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